Renault showed the craziest and coolest concept at the Paris Motor Show

At the Paris Motor Show, Renault surprised thousands of fans not only with a fully usable electric little Zoe, but also with an unusual concept model called the Trezor. This is definitely one of the craziest yet beautiful prototypes created in the current century. While concepts are already being counted on the fingers during exhibitions, Renault (company description) boldly offered this car, which should outline future trends and designs for the company’s next real models.

To get into the interior of a supercar, you need to open the entire upper half of the car, i.e. the entire roof is made of carbon fiber and is very light. Otherwise, the weight of the unusual machine is 1600 kilograms.

The two-door Trezor coupe is electric.

There are two batteries, and the technical part of the prototype was worked out by the Renault team in Formula E. From 0 to 100 km / h, the electric car accelerates in less than 4 seconds. The Trezor has three driving modes: Neutral, Sport and Autonomous, in which the driver can engage the autopilot.

In addition, it became clear at the Paris Motor Show that the Renault Zoe is the best-selling electric car in Europe, with more than 100,000 units sold in September alone. Now the ecological munch has new batteries, which increase the mileage according to the catalog to 400 km, which is a real distance in city traffic or on ordinary roads of about 300 km, which is an excellent result. In the last 4 years alone, Renault has released 4 electric vehicles, 15 updated models and 11 brand new models.

Equipped with a new battery, the Renault Zoe now offers twice the range of the first such EV model on the market and the longest mileage of any traditional electric vehicle currently available.

The charging speed of the ZE 40 battery is identical to the standard, so charging does not take much time.

On average, it only takes 30 minutes to charge the battery to drive another 80 km when connected to one of the many public charging stations in Europe.

Zoe owners can take advantage of a wide range of new communication services. ZE Trip helps the driver find all public charging stations in the R-LINK navigation system. The ZE Pass program allows you to use most charging stations regardless of their operator. This solution also provides an easier way to pay using smartphones.

Renault has also released a new version aimed at customers looking for exclusive features. It stands out mainly for its premium leather interior, heated front seats and BOSE audio system.

New features will be added to the ZE app in the first half of 2017. Their goal is to make travel even easier, including door-to-door navigation.

With this feature, the user can view and plan their complete route using the application on their smartphone, and then send the route to the navigation system (Renault R-LINK) Zoe. Once the programmed route is directed to the vehicle, the driver can automatically enter and view it.

After parking, the app takes control of the navigation system to show you the end point of your walk. The driver can also use the app to find out where they have parked their Zoe, or view driving history or other information on the on-board computer. — description and characteristics of Renault Duster. — the history of generations of the Renault Scenic minivan.

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